Ringstad and Associates  



Alessandra Ringstad , the company principal, is a professional trainer, speaker, and coach with a significant record of achievement in corporate training as well as career counselling. The over 15 years of experience which she gained both locally and overseas in the service and training industries allows her to achieve extraordinary results in a variety of instruction and speaking environments. She coaches individual business clients and develops diverse course curricula for many different programs and business schools as well as markets these programs internationally.

One of Alessandra's distinct skills is her ability to bring life and humour to training sessions, capturing audiences and delivering a winning product that everyone enjoys and benefits from. In business coaching, she takes small businesses to the next level helping them set higher goals and thus increase their profits while maintaining personal life balance. For career coaching clients, she uses her wealth of knowledge about networking, the labour market, local businesses and government assistance programs to assist clients in finding renewed passion in their current careers or in choosing new careers for their next stage of life.

She conveys important, complex materials in an interesting and entertaining manner always ensuring seminars are participative. As she develops her own training materials, the content is relevant to each client's current issues. Alessandra has an innate ability to adapt to each facilitation environment.

Alessandra actively contributes on many volunteer boards and projects such as co-chairing the downtown YMCA Partners with Youth campaign. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in German and French as well as teaching and other training certifications.

Alessandra Ringstad