Ringstad and Associates  


Corporate Outplacement & Career Transition Counselling

Job loss can be extremely devastating. Ensure that you treat your employees with dignity and respect by assisting them with their next step. Ringstad Training brings a series of motivating workshops to ensure that people are equipped to make the most of career transition.

  • Branding You: Networking and Self-Marketing Strategies
  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper
  • Resumes and Cover Letters to Land the Interview
  • How would you redesign a snake? - Interviewing with Ease
  • And this would be career number? - Exploring your Career Options
  • The Picnic Basket of Career Tools and Techniques
  • How much do you think you're worth? - Salary Negotiations
  • Change is not a Dirty Word! - Moving Forward after Change
  • Overcoming Personal and Career Blocks to Initiate Opportunity
  • Myers Briggs Personality Type ©
  • True Colors ©
  • Personality Dimensions ©
  • Individual Career Coaching (job loss, career change, career advancement)